Personal Data

Last name: Nyblom
First name: Carl-Johan
Born: 26/01/1990 in Kalmar(Sweden)
Nationality: Swedish
Telephone: +46768163323
Mail: carl.johan.nyblom@gmail.com

Hello and welcome!

You have arrived at cjnart.net - the digital portfolio of Carl-Johan Nyblom. Here you'll find some of my work I've done throughout my time as a 3D-artist. Creating stuff from my imagination has always brought a smile on my face and I'm happy to learn new things each day to become a better artist.

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2006-2009: Studied the Technical program in high school with focus on Information technology(IT).
2009-2012: Studied game development at Blekinge Institute of Technology with main focus in 3D Graphics where I got my bachelor's degree.

3D related work experience

2012-2014: Co-founded and worked at the game company Nemoria Entertainment. Worked on an adventure game for Windows called Oknytt, wich you can find on Steam.
2014: Held a course at Blekinge Institute of Technology, "introduction to 3D-graphics" where me and a colleague of mine planned a course together and tutored the students for a month.

Other work experience

2006-2012: While studying I worked as a janitor at Nybro Bostads AB in the summertime.


Game Concept Challenge(GCC) 2011 - 50 000SEK: As a 3D-artist in my team we won a competition with the game Sjörök.
Game Concept Challenge(GCC) 2012 - 50 000SEK: Won the same competition the year after together with Christofer Levall with the game Oknytt, wich led to the formation of the game company Nemoria Entertainment. Later the game came out on Steam.

If you like my work and think that I can contribute to your project/business of any kind, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm eager to hear what you have in mind and would love to work with you!

Software knowledge

-Adobe Photoshop
-Autodesk Maya
-Adobe After Effects
-Adobe Audition
-Autodesk Mudbox
-Unity Game Engine


-Digital sculpting
-Low-poly modeling
-Hard Surface Modeling
-Baking maps from high-poly models
-Unity Game Engine
-Basic scripting
-Video tracking